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  • If something happens to me, how will it impact my family’s finance and wellbeing?
  • How will they carry on? What will happen to my assets, Digital Assets, shares and Investments?
  • Can my family inherit all of the above or will someone else or the government put a hand in it?
  • I want to appoint my next of kin or loved ones to inherit my assets, coins & investments. But I don’t want to let them know about it now and I don’t want to give anyone else all my asset details, bank accounts, e-wallets, private keys and passwords. I don’t trust anybody. How can I do it easy and safe?
  • My children are small and my spouse has no clue on how to handle all the process. I need to appoint somebody or must do something to make sure my investments and assets goes to my family if I am no longer around. It could be costly and I don’t know anyone who can advise me. So how do I do it?
  • There will be inheritance issues, tax and legal issues. Someone might challenge my family for the assets. My family will need lawyers. How will my family pay for this?
  • Can I make arrangement now that all fee are paid in advance at discounted rate?
  • Who can I trust and appoint to take care of this?


After carefully studying the critical points of the industry,
we came with better solutions to every problem of Testator or Investor.

Estate Management System & Customer Portal

Estate Management System & Customer Portal

User dashboard for profile creation, manage beneficiaries, assign triggers and pulse search protocols. Manage assignment of wallets and assets securely.

Digital Assets WILL writing

Digital Assets WILL writing

Legal protection and passing on of Digital assets via blockchain without needing to share private keys or password. Automatic execution and settlement process upon demise.

Traditional Assets WILL Writing

Traditional Assets WILL Writing

Write encrypted WILL on blockchain for any moveable & fixed estates. Allowing automated transfer with pre-set procedure without intermediaries or traditional practices.

Octowill Vault & Depository

Octowill Vault & Depository

Decentralised secured storage and asset directory. Wills & trust document registry, data privacy and control with long-term depository & retrieval.

Inheritance Tax Management & Settlement System

Inheritance Tax Management & Settlement System

“The taxman never sleeps”. Octowill Tax settlement and assistance allowing pre-calculated settlement and future tax offset at present value.

Support Manager Legal, Custodial, Trustee, Escrow

Support Manager Legal, Custodial, Trustee, Escrow

Consult, Manage, Advice & Assist testators & heirs. Control, monitor & assisted support services with audit log creating transparency, eliminate Fraud.

How does it work?

Simple Steps to Complete Your WILL

Technology Features


Enables greater transparency, enhanced security and improved audit of inheritance process

Asymmetric Decryption

Public and private keys to authorise, authenticate Wills & validate execution protocols

Ai and Machine Learning

Ai and machine learning for proof of life engine, authentication and verification of death

Token & Smart Contract

ERC 20 token for Octowill service payment & smart contract activation

Security Specifications

Fully encrypted multi factor authentication, public cryptography, multi signature


Creating immutable ledgers is one of the main values of Blockchain.

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