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“Will, Trust & Inheritance Service on Blockchain - Beyond 21st Century”

Write your Digital WILL today and safeguard your assets on the blockchain

Secure and pass them to your loved. Ensure life after death


After carefully studying the critical points of the industry,
we came with better solutions to every problem of Testator or Investor.

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Estate Management System & Customer Portal

User dashboard for profile creation, manage beneficiaries, assign triggers and pulse search protocols. Manage assignment of wallets and assets securely.

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Digital Assets WILL writing

Legal protection and passing on of Digital assets via blockchain without needing to share private keys or password. Automatic execution and settlement process upon demise.

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Traditional Assets WILL Writing

Write encrypted WILL on blockchain for any moveable & fixed estates. Allowing automated transfer with pre-set procedure without intermediaries or traditional practices.

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Octowill Vault & Depository

Decentralised secured storage and asset directory. Wills & trust document registry, data privacy and control with long-term depository & retrieval.
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Inheritance Tax Management & Settlement System

“The taxman never sleeps”. Octowill Tax settlement and assistance allowing pre-calculated settlement and future tax offset at present value.
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Support Manager Legal, Custodial, Trustee, Escrow

Consult, Manage, Advice & Assist testators & heirs. Control, monitor & assisted support services with audit log creating transparency, eliminate Fraud.

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