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Will, Trust & Inheritance

Life after Death

Secure and share your assets to your heirs through Octowill.

Your assets will reach your heirs on time.

Octowill is powered by Blockchain technology,
which adds greater transparency, enhanced security and improved traceability to our system.


  • If something happens to me (Death or Severe Disability). What happens to my Assets & Investments?
  • How will the beneficiary (the receiver) handle necessary legal and taxation issues or convert the inheritance into a legal tender?
  • Can I appoint my next of kin or loved ones to inherit my Assets & Investments?
  • How does the receiver who has no idea about the crypto knowledge would receive store, convert and use the Crypt currency?
  • How will my family or loved ones receive my Assets & Investments?
  • How can this whole process be executed with complete confidence, trust and faithin a third party?
  • Who can I trust and appoint to undertake the process?
  • How can the Crypto Investor ensure his wealth transferred to his beloved or chosen Ones upon his death?


After carefully studying the critical points of the industry, we came with better solutions to every problem of Testator or Investor.

  • WILL for Crypto Assets

  • Traditional WILL (Online)

  • Inheritance & Taxation

  • Asset Management

  • Escrow & Trustee Services

  • Legal Services

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How does it work?

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Technology Features

Increased Capacity

Increased Capacity

This is the first and an important feature of Blockchain. The most remarkable thing about this Blockchain technology is that it increases the capacity of the whole network. Because of the reason that there are a lot of computers working together which in total offers a great power then few of the devices where the things are centralized.

A perfect example of this increased capacity is a project started by Stanford University which created a supercomputer that simulates protein folding for medical research.

Better Security

Better Security

Blockchain technology has a better security because there is not even a single chance of shutting down of the system. Even the highest level of the financial system are subject to get hacked. Bitcoin in the second hand had never been hacked. the reason is that the blockchain network is secured by a number of computers called nodes and these nodes confirm the transaction on this network.

Sure its possible to hack an individual account or a private key if they are not stored properly.



Creating immutable ledgers is one of the main values of Blockchain. Any database that is centralized is subjected to get hacked and they require trust in the third party to keep the database secure. Blockchain like Bitcoin keeps its ledgers in a never-ending state of forwarding momentum.

To control the Bitcoin market anyone needs control over 51% of the total market. Although ledgers can be changed by Hard Fork it needs a general agreement amongst miners, exchange, and individual users, node operators. But still, there are high chances that the old ledgers would remain in their real form.

Decentralized System

Decentralized System

Decentralized technology gives you the power to store your assets in a network which is further accessed by the means internet, an asset can be anything like a contract, a document etc. Through this owner has a direct control over his account by the means of a key that is linked to his account which gives the owner a power to transfer his assets to anyone he wants.

The Blockchain technology has proved to be a really effective tool for decentralizing the web. and it does possess the power to bring massive changes in the industries

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