Asset Management


Inheritance is a complex matter, so is managing one’s inherited assets, investment portfolios, moveable and unmoveable assets as well as tangible and intangible assets. Especially when it comes to crypto assets, it gets even more complicated. It can be very challenging and highly stressful to a beneficiary. Especially if the beneficiary is of young age or has no understanding of managing their inheritance. Let alone the appointment of guardian, trustees or escrow services to receive hold and distribute income and manage expenses.

In today’s marketplace, even the sophisticated and experienced asset managers are challenged. Therefore, being able to have access to professional and credible advice is critical to any asset holder, let alone the beneficiary. There may be a need for professional risk profiling, funds and asset management, estate administration, investment advisory and legal opinions.

Octowill asset management service is key to providing such solutions and assistance where it is needed the most. The key factor being the asset management service by octowill is performed on the blockchain, thus providing absolute transparency, record keeping and audit every step of the way.