Legal Services


Writing a WILL in itself is a legal process. Ensuring your legal rights and the rights of the beneficiaries are protected. Filing of a claim, executing the WILL and handling the transfer of assets must be done on the legal platform. Some specific areas such as filing of documentation, challenging an unwanted claim by a third party or by non-beneficiary or resolving a dispute may require legal intervention. There could be parties who refuse to transfer certain assets to your beneficiary or your beneficiaries may require pre and post legal consultation. Octowill platform provides you and your beneficiaries access to these legal services without much hassle. Our panel of prequalified legal professionals will be there to render any assistance when required.

Best thing of all, under the octowill platform, you can pre-purchase certain amount of WILL (token) and pre-pay some of the anticipated services in advance. This will not only earn you huge discounts and savings of thousands of dollars in potential legal fee but also help reduce the financial burden of your beneficiaries who may need to pay the legal fee for settlements upon your demise.