No more concerns about Crypto assets being lost in abyss when someone pass away.

Breath of fresh air on the Blockchain has finally arrived.

A new service by Octowill allows its users to prepare their WILL and assign beneficiaries on Blockchain, transforming and disrupting the Inheritance & estate planning industry.

the whole process of writing an encrypted WILL is simplified and takes just about 20 minutes to complete. The service is very reasonably priced to make it affordable to everyone across the globe.

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From Octowill desk:

After carefully studying the critical points of the industry and understanding problems faced by asset holders especially digital asset holders, we designed a solution for the inheritance of asset and legacy planning through our integrated system called Octowill. We use cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, cryptography, to address many issues plaguing the inheritance & legacy planning industry.

Our Integrated system deployed on blockchain allows a testator to put in place pre-defined process and procedures and issue proper instructions. This ensures their wealth in Exchanges to be transferred securely, seamlessly. The process is completed automatically without unreasonable loss of time and value to intended beneficiaries.

The goal of Octowill is to provide a commercially viable and secure inheritance service and make it accessible to holders of all classes of assets (digital & non-digital) across the globe. Globally everyone can ensure a safe beneficiary nomination and transfer their assets to those beneficiaries via a seamless process of technology.

Phase 1 release of Beneficiary assignment service for Crypto assets.

By using this service, one can write a WILL, appoint an executor and assign beneficiaries to their crypto assets located in Crypto Exchanges

Crypto WILL is a legally enforceable document in which the asset holder express their desire as to whom and how their crypto assets should be transferred after their demise. Octowill has successfully integrating automated the process of execution.

Your WILL information is securely encrypted and hidden from prying eyes until it is time to activate the claim. If the beneficiaries are under the age of 18, an escrow or guardian can be appointed to secure the assets. The entire process can be tracked on the blockchain.

Learn more @ Octowill

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