What is Octowill (WILL)?

  • WILL is a cryptocurrency from Octowill and It’s a utility token used to avail octowill services and many more.
  • WILL is an ERC 20 token standards on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Contract executed with the all-time total supply of 500 Million WILL

What does Octowill System do?

  • 1 Prepare for any Eventuality
  • 2 Assign and modify heirs over time
  • 3 Secure settlement service
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Ways to use WILL


Buy WILL any time via Octowill System or from the Exchanges we have listed


Use it for Octowill Services

Store WILL

Store WILL for future usage for services provided by Octowill.

Project Documentation

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Presentation Deck

WIll Specifications

A Revolution in Crypto Wealth Inheritance

WILL Protocols

Ethereum ERC20


Currently in discussion with several exchanges for system integration and WILL Token listing

Use of Proceeds

Total Supply: 500,000,000 WILL

WILL Burning Mechanism

WILL (token) is a service-based payment token. It is for writing of a Will, appointing an executor, acquiring trustee, legal, taxation, execution and inheritance service on blockchain.

Our token economics was built based on a naturally assimilated demand and supply as well as a 3% mortality rate among investor community. We expect a 3% claim ratio to take place on the octowill system annually.

When an execution takes place, customers will pay for the service with WILL (token) and this token will be surrendered to the company. These tokens that are returned to the company will not be recycled into circulation and will go through the burn process.

This process will continue for the first 5 years, thereafter, the company will continuously burn 20% of the tokens until the total supply reach 300 Million.

The burning mechanism of the WILL (token) are as following:

year 1
(end 2019)
year 2
(end 2020)
year 3
(end 2021)

3% of total supply
= 15,000,000

Status: Pending
for Q4 - 2019

3% of total supply
= 15,000,000

Status: Pending
for Q4 - 2020

3% of total supply
= 15,000,000

Status: Pending
for Q4 - 2021
year 4
(end 2022)
year 5
(end 2023)
year 6

3% of total supply
= 15,000,000

Status: Pending
for Q4 - 2022

3% of total supply
= 15,000,000

Status: Pending
for Q4 - 2023

Every Half Yearly, we use 20% of our total profits to buy back WILL and destroy them until we reduce our total supply to 300,000,000 WILL all time. All buy back transactions will be announced on blockchain

Where you can store Octowill (WILL)?

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