Simple & Transparent Pricing

While there exists a charge for services provided by Octowill, these charges may be waived to customers who are holding a given number of WILL in any of their Wallet.

S.No Description of Service Payment Options
(Octowill (WILL) & Other Payment modes)
To Create a Crypto Will:

Basic Fee (for each Will written on the system)

24.99 USD
For Assigning WALLETS and BENEFICIARIES onto the Crypto Will.

To include a Wallet onto the Will:

  • Customers may insert as many wallets they have on a single Crypto Will or write One (1) Crypto Will for each wallet

The customer cannot assign same Wallet into more than one (1) WILL

4.99 USD

For Beneficiary assignment:

  • You must assign one (1) beneficiary for each wallet*
  • You may assign the same beneficiary to other wallets listed on the Will.

*for now, you can only assign 1 (one) Beneficiary per Wallet. Future versions will be expanded to include assigning multiple beneficiaries for each Wallet

Category 1

for Adding or Removing Wallet or Beneficiary onto any Crypto Will

  • one (1) wallet and one (1) beneficiary (fee x 1)
  • two (2) wallets and two (2) beneficiaries (fee x 2)
4.99 USD
Category 2

A one time fee when making amendments onto an existing Will, such as:

  • KYC details, address, contact numbers or other details (for the testator /beneficiary /trusted persons)
  • trusted persons: adding new ones, removing or amending their detail
  • printing: for each print of the updated version
  • or any other changes made to the crypto Will after the initial WILL is issued.

Each change must be hashed, encrypted and reproduced onto a new Will, therefore, Octowill charge a base fee on each service request performed:

  • one (1) change/amendment (fee x 1)
  • two (2) changes/amendments (fee x 2)
0.99 USD

For duties performed by Octowill to Execute the WILL upon the Testator's demise, this may include services such as:

  • Identifying and verifying death, liaising with the wallet/exchange providers, filing claims, executing the Will.
  • (if necessary), appointing lawyers, trustees, escrow, tax service etc.
  • represent and assist beneficiaries to receive their bequests and inheritance.
299 USD

0.01 of Asset value (Whichever is higher)


(if any of the services were required)

the fee charged by service providers such as lawyers, trustees, guardians or escrow agents, consultants etc.

As Charge by the Service Provider