WILL – Digital Assets


Digital assets are stored and held in wallets, cloud applications or some secure devices. They are then handled through online platforms like an exchange or through an escrow service or custodians or sometimes passed on to a third party (like lawyers or agencies) to handle the process. Some of the investors hold them secretly and manage these assets personally without anyone knowing.

The problem is, uncertainty remains on the faith of these type of digital asset when the owner passes away. Current processes are not clear, and they are not defined especially on the blockchain. Your digital assets can be lost in the abyss, remain in the cloud or even be taken by the very service provider (like the exchanges where they are stored) or may be taken by the government after you die (as unclaimed money or asset)

The simple fact is, these assets can be passed on to your loved ones and it can be inherited legally by just simply writing a Digital WILL (also known as Crypto WILL) on octowill system and hedge it onto blockchain. The process is safe and secure, the Digital (or Crypto) WILL can be the key to safely and securely transfer your assets via blockchain to your appointed beneficiary.

You are not required to reveal your private keys and passwords in order to activate this process. Your Digital (or Crypto) WILL document may be the last remaining legal document on blockchain and be executable upon your demise. You just simply write a WILL with octowill, give clear instructions, set up the process, sit back and relax knowing that your digital assets will be securely handled via a legal, secure, transparent and immutable process using blockchain, public cryptography, asymmetric decryption, smart contracts and multi-signature protocols.