WILL – Traditional Assets


A Will is a legal document designating the transfer of your property and assets after your demise and can be written by any person over the age of 18 who is of sound mind and memory.

Many people do not write a WILL as the process is seen tedious, expensive, time-consuming, require complicated language and sometimes invasive. Writing a WILL online doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Octowill provides a simple way to compose your own legal WILL online.

Our Integrated system deployed on blockchain allow asset holders to put pre-defined process and procedures to ensure transfer of their wealth takes place seamlessly, automatically and without interference from the third party. The process is completed without unreasonable loss of time and value to intended recipients. It is a fully automated process executed on the blockchain.

The ultimate goal of Octowill is to provide a commercially viable and secure WILL writing and inheritance service made accessible across the globe on the blockchain. Globally everyone can ensure a safe beneficiary nomination and transfer of their assets to those beneficiaries via the seamless process of technology.


WILL – Description & Explanation



Silver Will



Golden WILL


1 Completeness
Is it a complete WILL yes yes
Can I appoint my Own Executor yes yes
Can I appoint A guardian to Minor (under
no yes
Can I specify allowance to a Guardian no yes
2 Legal & Executable
Is this WILL fully legal & executable yes yes
Does this Will comply to International Standard yes yes
3 Clauses
Does this WILL cover all required clauses yes yes
Number of Clauses in this WILL 25 – 30 35 – 45
4 Asset Specification
4 Can I include specific class of Assets in this
no yes
What is the difference in Asset
No description of asset Specific description
of each asset
What is the advantage Easy to write and
Each asset is listed
Can I include in this WILL my oversea
no yes
5 Beneficiary
How many beneficiary can I allocate in this
no limit no limit
4 Can I allocate percentage to each
yes yes
Can I change my beneficiary anytime I wish yes yes
6 Fee, Charges & Benefits
Is there a Custodial charge no no
Does this include Execution Fee Assistance yes yes
Execution subscription must be renewed
yes yes
How much legal fee waiver do I get (if
up to (rm) 10,000 up to (rm) 10,000
7 Amendments & Changes
Can I make changes (addendums) to this
yes yes
How many times can I make changes to
this WILL
no limit no limit
What will it cost to make changes or
9.00 19.00
Do I need to see an agent or Lawyer to
make changes
no no
Can anyone else see contents of my WILL no no
8 Can anyone make changes and print the
No one have access
other than you
No one have access
other than you


WASIAT – Diskripsi & keterangan



Wasiat ASAS





1 Kelengkapan
Adakah wasiat in Lengkap Sepenuhnya ya ya
Melantik WASI pilihan saya ya ya
Boleh melantik Penjaga untuk anak (bawah
Tidak boleh boleh
Memberi Elaun kepada penjaga Tidak boleh boleh
2 Sah disisi undang-undang
Adakah Wasiat ini Sah disisi Undang-
ya ya
Perlaksanaan melalui Mahkamah Syariah ya ya
Memenuhi Hukum-hukum Faraid ya ya
3 Clauses ya ya
Semua klausa yang diperlu sudah ada ya ya
Jumlah Klausa di wasiat ini 25 – 30 35 – 45
4 Pengesahan Harta
Bolehkah masuk semua harta di satu wasiat ya ya
Perbezaan antara ASAS & HASRAT Semua harta digabung
dan diagih
Harta boleh di agihkan
satu demi satu
Apakah kelebihan Wasiat ini Senang menulis wasiat
sendiri secara online
Senang menulis wasiat
sendiri secara online
Boleh masukkan harta di luar negara tidak ya
5 Beneficiary
Berapakah Waris yang boleh dilantik Tiada sekatan Tiada sekatan
Pengaihan peratus kepada setiap Waris boleh boleh
Bolehkah saya menukar Waris bila-bila
ya ya
6 Yuran lain, Caj & faedah
Adakah perlu bayar untuk Custody tidak tidak
Adakah termasuk bantuan Perlaksanaan Ya Ya
Bantuan perlaksanaan perlu dibaharui tiap
ya ya
Jumlah had bantuan perlaksanaan Wasiat
10,000 10,000
7 Pertukaran & ubahan wasiat
Bolehkah saya Ubah kandungan Wasiat ya ya
Berapa kali boleh buat ubahan Tiada had Tiada had
Bagaimana boleh buat ubahan Melalui online Melalui online
Berapakah Caj untuk buat ubahan (RM) 9.00 19.00
Perlukah saya melantik seorang Peguam tidak tidak
8 Adakah orang lain boleh melihat
kandungan wasiat saya
tidak tidak
Siapakah yang boleh buat ubahan &
Tiada siapa kecuali
anda sendiri
Tiada siapa kecuali
anda sendiri